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“At school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said happy.  The teacher said I didn’t understand the question. I said they didn’t understand life.”


I’m Tsareena, Manchester born and raised, living in Belgium, working in Luxembourg.

I’ve been threatening to go “missing” for as long as I can remember.  And although Manchester is the greatest city on earth I’ve always been restless and dreamed of seeing it all…

I planned to leave after school but to cut a long story short at 17 I fell in love, eventually got married and spent 10 plus years settling.

Then came Brexit.

I googled finance jobs in Europe, had 2 Skype interviews and packed up my life to move to Luxembourg.  And just like that, I was gone.  But not quite missing.

The move made me question what I’ve been missing out on.  One move wasn’t enough. Now my goal is to have no home.  To pack up my laptop and a carry on and work wherever I like.  Now lets get this straight.  I’m a chartered accountant.  Not an online marketing god… not a coder… not a traveling Instagram queen.  So is it possible?

I’ll be blogging about my quest to become a nomad, how to find enough money, traveling and expat life.

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